Build Organizational Capability

Organizational capability depends on a combination of broad development and deep expertise.

Today’s organizations depend on people working across boundaries to manage interdependencies, complexity, and rapid change.  People must engage others who see things differently, use differences to make better choices, and turn choices into coordinated action.  They must exercise leadership when they do not have authority.  Action science practices can be transformational in enabling people to meet these challenges.

As members of an organization develop skill in using action science practices they create more effective interactions and relationships in their spheres of action.  When their colleagues also develop skill, together they become able to address issues that had been undiscussable, to learn from diverse perspectives, and to get at the root of persistent problems.  Over time new behaviors that work create norms and expectations that shift the culture.

As an organization experiences the value of the work, it may choose to develop internal expertise. Action Design helps develop advanced practitioners who can conduct broad-based programs, facilitate conversations on difficult issues, and coach others as they develop their skill.  Creating a cadre of internal experts helps the work take root in the organization.